Letters to nowhere - The Diaries of Raven Stormcliff

vor 3 Mon.
»Maybe that's what happens if you touch poetry - even for a split second.« || Philosophie and poetry are pretty close to each other. This collection of diary entries shows how a young girl tries to explain her life and her world, and how she deals with her problems - not seldom caused by philosophic questions.
Philosophy General P6 In progress

Money, Nature, and Religion

vor 4 Mon.
part 4 of 4 Here the other parts: book 1: http://www.myfanfiction.net/de/t/135178/superman/freedom_and_determination.kasimir.714282.html book 2: http://www.myfanfiction.net/de/t/135288/superman/egoism_and_the_power_of_fear.interview.714763.html book 3: http://www.myfanfiction.net/de/t/136195/superman/prejudice.black_and_white.719440.html
Superman Action P12 Paranormal Finished


vor 4 Mon.
part 3 of 4 Welcome back to Kasmir's story! If you missed the other parts, here is book 1: http://www.myfanfiction.net/de/t/135178/superman/freedom_and_determination.kasimir.714282.html and this is the link to book 2: http://www.myfanfiction.net/de/t/135288/superman/egoism_and_the_power_of_fear.interview.714763.html
Superman Action P12 Paranormal Finished

The promise

vor 4 Mon.
What choice do you have if you are badly injured in the desert and a gunslinger finds you? Rango promises to do everything if Jake brings him to town. Jake agrees, but the price is high, which Rango has to pay.
Rango Drama P12 Crime In progress

Egoism and the Power of Fear

vor 6 Mon.
part 2 of 4, here you find the link to part 1: http://www.myfanfiction.net/de/t/135178/superman/freedom_and_determination.kasimir.714282.html
Superman Action P12 Paranormal Finished
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