Freedom and Determination

vor 8 Tagen
very naive, very emotional.Trying to answer the question, whether a person with superpowers can bring peace to this world.
Superman Action P12 Paranormal Finished

THE SEQUEL TO "A long way down"

vor 27 Tagen
A long way down #part2 I'd say A long way down was pretty dark & hopefully this sequel will be a lot more lighter and hopeful, but i don't want to set expectations high or get into detail, because it's going to be a journey for me too :) So if you liked the first part, stay tuned for new stuff What are your thoughts on my writing? Questions? You need help or just simply someone to talk to? I'm happy about every single comment down..
Depression Drama P12 Tragedy/Suffering In progress

The promise (English version)

vor 1 Mon.
What choice do you have if you are badly injured in the desert and a gunslinger finds you? Rango promises to do everything if Jake brings him to town. Jake agrees, but the price is high, which Rango has to pay.
Rango Drama P12 Crime In progress

Broken Girl

vor 2 Mon.
Mayla is not like other girls. She lives in her dream world and barely has any friends. She doesn't talk to strangers, and in public transport she hides behind her books. Joe is a successful YouTuber with more than six million subscribers to his channel ThatcherJoe. When he travels around Europe with his two friends and fellow YouTubers Caspar Lee and Oli White and comes to Vienna, their two worlds collide. Will Mayla overcome her childhood t..
YouTube Romance P12 Drama In progress

Killer´s Eyes (English version)

vor 3 Mon.
The Jenkins-Cousins hunt Rango through the desert. On the run Rango runs across Rattlesnake Jake and asks him for help. But will the Grim Reaper save him? No, he is a killer, isn't he?
Rango Drama P16 Adventure Finished
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