Why not?

vor 3 Mon.
This book is about 25-year-old Elisa, who suddenly finds herself missing something in her life. On the way to realize her dreams, she meets some people, including her favorite actor Dominic, with whom she comes into contact. What she experiences on her journey and whether she can fulfill her dream can be found here. The story is invented free of me. All rights are with me. I write this book as very first in English. Since English is unfor..
Love/Romance Romance P16 Drama In progress

The promise

vor 8 Mon.
What choice do you have if you are badly injured in the desert and a gunslinger finds you? Rango promises to do everything if Jake brings him to town. Jake agrees, but the price is high, which Rango has to pay.
Rango Drama P12 Crime In progress

It happened in a stormy night

vor 8 Mon.
When Rango wakes up in a stormy night because of shots outside of the town, he finds Bill unconsciously in the desert. But shortly after that, Bill disappears. Nobody cares but Rango can't forget a question: Is Bill dead or still alive?
Rango Crime P12 Adventure In progress


vor 8 Mon.
Being a venomous animal has advantages. But when others want to use the venom for selfish purposes, your life can quickly become from others a hell.
Rango Adventure P12 Crime In progress

Death is my shadow

vor 8 Mon.
A little possible backgroundstory about OC "Hughes Rattlesnake" from the fanfiction story "Linked in Love" by Diana-Sylvia-Jones.
Rango Tragedy/Suffering P12 Drama Finished

You just swallowed plan B

vor 8 Mon.
Plan B. But what was plan B before Beans swallowed the bullet? / One-shot.
Rango Drama P6 Action Finished

That's who I am not

vor 8 Mon.
"Because that's who I am." - But who is he not? / One-shot.
Rango Tragedy/Suffering P6 Drama Finished

Alice return to Wonderland

vor 10 Mon.
Three years had passed since Alice fell through the looking glass to save the hatter and underland once more. Now a young adult, Alice had build her live in London. Even though Alice has archived everything she had ever dreamed about, she misses her friends from Underland more than anything. Especially a certain Hatter.
Alice im Wunderland P12 General In progress


vor 11 Mon.
A poem about Halloween ©molamoongod Bildquelle: https://www.lust-auf-schoene-schuhe.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Fotolia_118955772_XS.jpg
General poetry Mystery P18 Horror Finished

Culture Technology

26.07.18 00:12
Nyx wants a normal life. A complicated endeavor, in a world that is filled with fear and poverty. Since the government made a poisonous gas break out, the world is no longer the same. Some people have mutated, others have developed a special ability, Nyx doesn't belong to one of them. The girl was never someone special, but this soon changes as a result of unexpected events ... and encounters.
Action Sci-Fi P16 Action In progress
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