|BTS Imagine| Jimin has a crush on you

vor 6 Tagen
“Y/n, now that you asleep. I wanted to say that recently a few days ago I started to realize how I felt about you. My feelings have changed about you. There´s never a time where I don´t think about you. I like you Y/n. I mean I love you, maybe I don´t show it but I do know I´m feeling is real. I really hope your asleep right now. You may think I´m creep saying all these things, but the truth is that I fell in love with a foreigner make a..
Bangtan Boys (BTS) Romance P16 General In progress

Everytime I see you, I fall in love all over again

vor 1 Mon.
Just having fun with a thought TRIGGER WARNING: there's use of alcohol in this Fiction, if anybody's triggered with that, please be safe and don't read it. if there are some mistakes, feel free to let me know, I'm making this up as I go and always changing my mind, so there could be some logic errors.
One Direction P18-M+M Romance In progress

Culture Technology

vor 2 Mon.
Nyx wants a normal life. A complicated endeavor, in a world that is filled with fear and poverty. Since the government made a poisonous gas break out, the world is no longer the same. Some people have mutated, others have developed a special ability, Nyx doesn't belong to one of them. The girl was never someone special, but this soon changes as a result of unexpected events ... and encounters.
Action Sci-Fi P16 Action In progress


vor 2 Mon.
A story about a mighty elve who doesn't know she is one on a journey to a new life.She fights and protects and falls in love although she doesn't want to. With some characters of the hobbit and some self created of me.
The Hobbit Drama P16 Fantasy Finished

Child of Dust

vor 7 Mon.
The name is Dust. Dominus Dust and he is the future leader of the Dust-Clan. But a clan is not without problems. It is not easy to protect a dying family from the rival who wants to steal the family's treasure. Especially if you are the last of Dust.
Fantasy classical General P16 Paranormal Abandoned

Broken Girl

14.09.17 16:30
Mayla is not like other girls. She lives in her dream world and barely has any friends. She doesn't talk to strangers, and in public transport she hides behind her books. Joe is a successful YouTuber with more than six million subscribers to his channel ThatcherJoe. When he travels around Europe with his two friends and fellow YouTubers Caspar Lee and Oli White and comes to Vienna, their two worlds collide. Will Mayla overcome her childhood t..
YouTube Romance P12 Drama In progress

Gideon ships it (engllsh)

10.09.17 12:57
Sara Lance X Leonnard Snart (Captain Canary) from Arrowverse / Legends of Tomorrow
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Romance P16 Humor Finished

The promise

20.08.17 13:35
What choice do you have if you are badly injured in the desert and a gunslinger finds you? Rango promises to do everything if Jake brings him to town. Jake agrees, but the price is high, which Rango has to pay.
Rango Drama P12 Crime In progress

Letters to nowhere - The Diaries of Raven Stormcliff

21.04.17 12:22
»Maybe that's what happens if you touch poetry - even for a split second.« || Philosophie and poetry are pretty close to each other. This collection of diary entries shows how a young girl tries to explain her life and her world, and how she deals with her problems - not seldom caused by philosophic questions.
Philosophy General P6 In progress

Silent screams

17.01.17 12:30
What happened in past you can never change. Bill knows that only too well. But one day he comes face to face with his past again. Can the presence help him to get over his past?
Rango Tragedy/Suffering P12 Drama Finished
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