1. General is a privately run community for fanfictions and independent stories. An account on is free of charge and we will not distribute your data to third parties.

To open an account on, it is nexessary to accept the following rules. By marking „I read and understood the rules and will abide by them“ you state to comply with the following policies.

Everyone has the right to open an account on With underaged users we expect they have parental permission.

A user account includes the possibility to post self-written fanfictions, independent stories and poems and the use of community features like the groups, the forum, the private messaging system or the rating system for texts.

The administrator and the operating staff of reserve their rights to edit or delete forum posts, topics and other site content posted by our users, or sanction misbehavior, to sustain the rules written below. Each member will be held responsible for content postet via his account.

Changes in the rules will be publicly announced, furthermore each member of has the duty to inform himself via the forum.

Never give your private data – especially your password – to anyone. No member of the staff will ever ask for it.

Each member has the opportunity to mail a team member if s/he needs help or wants to report an error in the community or misbehavior from other members


2. Behavior in the community

Please show everyone respect and be polite to fellow members.

The languages spoken in the community are English and German. doesn't have an age limit, though we like to see ourselves mainly as a community for underaged teenagers. Therefore: Nicknames, wall posts, profile texts, forum/group topics and smmaries to your stories should not exceed Rating P6. (Suitable for every age – no swearing, no violence, no sexually themed suggestions.)
We don't support RPG. Nowhere in the community. If you want to play, please find yourself a RPG-forum – there are plenty on the internet.'s main focus is on stories.
Behavior inside the community means as well:

No insults in word or picture against anyone. Than includes other users, the staff, celebrities, minorities. No hate groups, posts (on any wall or in any forum topic) or texts.

Solve differences in a calm and orderly manner. If you can not do so, ask a staff member for help..

Don't advertise your stories in messages or on the walls of other users, or forum/group posts, if they are not especially declared to serve exactly that purpose.

No pressing of readers, reviews or subscriptions for new chapters. We are a community of authors, not a hideout for criminals.


3. Accounts

You may have different accounts, of you see fit to seperate for example your fanfictions from your independent stories or your reviews from your publications.
The team, however, reserves their right to sanction all of your accounts it you break the rules with them or - without further warning – shut them down if there are major issues.


4. Publications

In public:
As said before: For nicknames, profile and wall posts, forum and group topics we allow only P6. No swearing, no sex, no violence.

We encourage every author strongly to proofread his stories, before they ar published, to guarantee a pleasant and undisturbed reading experience. The team reserve their right to lock stories with a request for proofreding, but we'd very much welcome if we hadn't to.


Only texts written by the owner of an account are allowed. You declare by publishing a story/poem, that it is completely your property.
Story theft (publishing material you didn't write under your name) will inevitably lead to your exclusion from the community. All your posted works will be deleted and your account will be banned without previous notice and permanently.

An original (written by the user) previously publishe text (Book, eBook or any other form) may NOT be posted here, which includes the whole story as well as excerpts. Also, you are not allowed to post only a few chapters and provide links to different communities for others.
Each text is allowed only once, (english/german) translation excluded.

You may quote works of other authors, including song lyrics. Short quotes, supply name of author and movie/book/song title below the corrresponding chapter. (This excludes song fictions, in which you are allowed to use the complete lyrics to a song, provided that they are marked as quotes and your own work is on a 70:30 ratio to the lyrics.)

Translations of someone else's works are not allowed.


Since at the present time we don't have a function to lock publications which exceed our normal P18/P18s-Rating, we will remove them from the archives as soon as we find them.

Pornography (aka "Smut") is prohibited, including „PWP-One shots“, in which there is no storyline and everything is aimed at the two main characters having sex.
A story counts as „porn“ when the main focus is the act and/or the language is distinctly low level.
We allow a few intimate scenes, as long as the story itself is the main part of the publication. (Sex should always be seen as a bonus, not the reason for a story.) Please note that we want our authors to write stories, not sex guides.

Glorification of violence, racialistic or immoral publications are prohibited. This includes cannibalism, gore, sodomy (bestiality/zoophilia), necrophilia, incest, sexual acts on minors, glorification of anty-human systems an character bashing.

If you write about sensible themes (as rape, suicide, abuse of any kind, fatal diseases or mental illnessees), please treat your subject with responsibility and empathy. And research, of course! The team reserve their tight to lock your work and ask for a revision or deletion, if we see a lack of maturity in working with the subject.

So called MST3KS – parodies of other author's works, with biting comments towards the original work – are not allowed. You may, however, parody your own work, if you feel obliged to.

Works which show lack of engagement (copies of chatlogs, collections of lyrics, quotes or bloopers) are not allowed. This includes „Top 10 lists“.

„Imagines“ are not allowed, since the team does nor have the capability nor the obligation to retrace, if they were written by the respective author or are merely copied.

A list with prohibited fandoms will be provided by the team.


Every user is obliged to rate their publictions according to the rules. An informational text will be provided by the staff. If you rate your story incorrectly, it will be locked and you will be asked to revise the rating..

It is not allowed to reupload banned stories or distribute them in any other way. Doing this will result in a ban for the respective user.


We do not allow the posting of chapters, in which you tell your readers what you hd for lunch. A chapter ALWAYS contains a part of the story, so does a preface/prologue/preamble – or whatever you want to call it.

Posting of signalments and character sheets is not allowed. Those little helpers are for the author's eyes only and there to help staying „in character“ while the story evolves. They are not for the readers.
Information chapters which you are allowed to post are glossaries, if the reader wouldn't be able to understand the story without these explanations.
As for author's notes: Keep it short! And post them before or after a chapter, not instead of.

The update function is solely for new chapters. Abusing it to bring your old stories or one shots to the topof the list will result in sanctions.



When you upload a picture to, you state that you are the owner of that material or have the right to use it non commerially for your purposes. In this case, a link to the profile/homepage of the picture's owner must be provided.

Uploaded pictures (avatars, covers, linked pictures in the forum) may not P12/P12s. Depictions of sexuality, violence, punishment/torture and anything resulting from those are prohibited. We don't differentiate between real situations and art. (Like real blood vs. artificial blood)

Pictures in stories are solely allowed above or below the chapter, not interrupting the story. Please check the size of your pic before posting.
Posting a link or picture in your text is no substitute for a description of a character, their clothing or a scene. You are author's, please don't use surrogates for writing.

As well, please don't post/link material which is against the rules of


5. Community-Features

If you need help or want to give feedback, please look in the forums or contact a staff member. Before posting a request, please make sure it doesn't already have a topic.

Please don't open groups for your private purposes like classmates, your feelings, private life or your own/your best friend's stories. This is not facebook.

Opening hate grpups or posting things which are against our rules regarding „forbidden themes“, will be sanctioned.

The rating function at, which allows you to rate the quality of other users works, spans from one to five stars. We encourage you though, to leave a written message or review, which tells the author why you decided for this particular rating and how they may improve.