Why not?

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This book is about 25-year-old Elisa, who suddenly finds herself missing something in her life. On the way to realize her dreams, she meets some people, including her favorite actor Dominic, with whom she comes into contact. What she experiences on her journey and whether she can fulfill her dream can be found here. The story is invented free of me. All rights are with me. I write this book as very first in English. Since English is unfor..
Love/Romance Romance P16 Drama In progress

thoughts - whispered in air smelling like burning hair

03.11.14 21:41
short poem
Love/Romance Romance P12 Adventure Finished

Play of Seasons

03.11.14 21:38
poem to be recited or sung
Love/Romance Tragedy/Suffering P12 Adventure Finished

Wish you were my angel

Short story Text: © molamoongod
Love/Romance Romance P16 General Finished