Harry Potter

We're All Gonna Die

09.02.16 15:08
No one would have guessed that the Dark Lord could ever return. Twenty-five years of peace were not much. Twenty-five years in which Harry Potters children grew up to become the new heroes to save the world once again. Twenty-five years in which Hogwarts and the world changed and everyone just tries to be themselves. But are they good? Are the next Generation the heroes or villains? Not really romance, though I spoiled you in the tags with s..
Harry Potter Adventure P16 Drama In progress

Scream in the Dark

It's been 11 years since the battle of Hogwarts has been won by the wizards fighting against Lord Voldemort. Everything seems pretty normal from the outside but if you belong to one of the families having connections to former death eaters, you know that nothing is normal. The dark wizards have come to realize that they don't necessarily need a certain leader. They try to regain their powers and gather as many wizards as possible to fight again..
Harry Potter Fantasy P16 Romance In progress