Secrets Ever : More than Gossip

10.07.15 02:00
Collin Lakewood is 21 and in a relationship with Aaleyah Cathrow?? I guess for three weeks by now... She is 20 and her best friend is John Richards... She was seen with THE GIRL of girls :* Her name and i Know you know her is Leighton Masters sweet 22 ;p I delay to much lately that´s what "my boss" tells me all the time but good research takes/needs a lot of time xoxo to my readers SecretsEver The story is about a blogger who w..
General Romance P18-M+M Fantasy In progress

Thoughts That Tingle The Soul And Hurt The Heart

Gedichte, Gedanken, Texte, Briefe. Was auch immer mein Inneres zu schreiben vermag. Was auch immer meine Gefühle mich zu leiten versuchen. Eine abstrakte Sammlung.
General General P16 Romance In progress