Sad stories

THE SEQUEL TO "A long way down"

31.12.16 16:20
A long way down #part2 I'd say A long way down was pretty dark & hopefully this sequel will be a lot more lighter and hopeful, but i don't want to set expectations high or get into detail, because it's going to be a journey for me too :) So if you liked the first part, stay tuned for new stuff What are your thoughts on my writing? Questions? You need help or just simply someone to talk to? I'm happy about every single comment down..
Sad stories Drama P12 Tragedy/Suffering In progress

Head vs. Heart

25.06.15 00:43
(English/Deutsch) Kurzgeschichten, Gedanken, Hoffnungen, Ängste...
Sad stories Tragedy/Suffering P16 Drama In progress

Some Things You Can't Forget

Thoughts and Feelings about a time in my life when I hit rock bottom
Sad stories Tragedy/Suffering P12 Drama In progress