Lifesaver (English version)

21.05.16 12:47
Rango finds Jake half-dead and tortured in the desert. Together with the town people he can save him. But this should be the beginning for Rango to protect Jake from a great danger... and himself and his town.
Rango Adventure P16 Crime In progress
text_remarks_by_author Hello, I finished chapter one at last. Don't be angry with me if the translation isn't the best. Next chapters need a while because of grammar mistakes. [Sometimes I hate my bad English. :P ] The story plays a few months later after Rango brought back the water. I've got the idea for the title after I heard the song `Lifesaver´ by Sunrise Avenue. I tried my best for this translation. If you find an error send me a message.

1. Just routine

"Move along, please! Out of the way!"
With a loud cheering, Elbows, the desert cat, leaped down the diving board into the lake. Snorting he came back surface and splashed about in water like a little child.
Bathing in the lake had become part of everyday life in mud. At one time, the sun had been a great agony, but now it was a blessing in cold water. Some people laid lazily in the sun, while others either swam in the water or did sport on the beach. Just like the two city boys, Lucky and Cletus, who played volleyball around a net. With momentum, Lucky threw the ball into the air and shot it over to Cletus.
"Catch him!"
Quickly Cletus ran forward and let it bounce on his hands. But instead to fly back over the net, the ball took a flight backwards and landed directly on… Rango's head.
The children came running quickly. Rango sat on his roadrunner and rubbed quickly his head with pain on the face.
"Sorry, Mr. Rango," Luck said and he hastily picked up the ball, which laid next to Rango in the sand.
"Could you use smaller balls?" Rango asked and angled for his fallen hat.
"But for volleyball you need such balls", Cletus said and showed him a little volleyball guide book.
"Oh, well," Rango said. "At least choose a smaller ball game such as tennis, if I'm near."
"Rango! Wait! You forgot your lunch!"
At that moment Beans came running and handed him a paper bag.
"Thanks, Beans!" Rango received the lunch bag with a little smile, which Beans used to make him if he's going to ride away.
"Where are you riding today?" Lucky asked curiously. "Are you going to hunt bandits? Or is anyone planning to descend on a stagecoach?"
"Eh, I'm just going to do my routine inspection tour through the desert," Rango replied.
"How boring," Lucky said and moved back to play a new match with Cletus.
Beans smiled. "Take it easy. Children want to hear exciting stories all the time."
Rango sighed. "Yes, I know you're right. But Lucky is right, too. There are no exciting things in the desert, absolutely nothing."
"But Rango, you always used to say: every work is important, even the smallest."
Rango smiled. "Okay. You're right."
He paused when he realized Priscilla next to him. The little mouse girl with her big eyes stood there in her uniform and scrutinized him closely.
"Hello, little sister. Why don't you play with the others?"
"Oh, ball games aren't my strong points," she said.
"Oh, well." Rango adjusted his hat.
"And what about you?" she asked. "What do you plan on doing today?"
"Just routine works," Rango answered.
"And when will you be back?"
"Well, probably I'll be gone all day."
"Can I come with you?" she asked and gave him a pleading look with her big, yellow eyes.
But Rango shook his head.
"No, I'm sorry. That's a job for adults only. Maybe another time."
"You promise?"
"I promise. Listen, little sister. You could do me a favour and keep an eye on the city. I think the others don't feel like doing that."
He looked at the townspeople, who romped around the beach. They all gave the impression of being calm. At that moment, Rango wished to do the same. Swimming in the water, take a sunbath at the beach... But he wasn't allowed to be neglectful of his duties because of leisure activities. Even if he wanted. But his duties had priority.
"And don't go trying to be a hero," Beans warned. "Last time you came back with a bump on your head."
"I'm just stumbled over my boots," Rango protested.
"You see, life is dangerous to you, honey."
"Are you leaving us again, sheriff?" Ambrose asked, who wanted to go to the beach, too.
"Oh yes," Rango replies. "Only my inspection tour. You never know. The crime lurks always and everywhere. You need eyes in the back of your head. After all, I'm responsible to protect the city."
"Protecting? From what?" Ambrose asked in surprise. "Everything has been quiet lately. Even Bill wasn't seen for a long time."
Rango shook his face with a troubled expression. "Exactly, this peace worries me."
He put one hand in his pocket und searched hastily.
"Wait! Where are my Tic Tacs again? Oh, I found them!"
With these words Rango gave his roadrunner spores and the animal sped at a full gallop into the desert. Without knowing what to expect.

All right. This was the first chapter. I hope translation wasn't too bad. Maybe I will correct some errors later.

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