Silent screams

17.01.17 12:30
What happened in past you can never change. Bill knows that only too well. But one day he comes face to face with his past again. Can the presence help him to get over his past?
Rango Tragedy/Suffering P12 Drama Finished
text_remarks_by_author Hello! So, I start to upload my first Bad Bill FF. The first chapter is about Rango, Bill will appear later… but I don't wanna give spoilers and enjoy the short story. By the way, I've got the idea for this story, while I lay in bed with my cold two weeks ago. -_- Enjoy!

1. Midday in Dirt

It was at noon in Dirt and Rango was on his way to the saloon to take a lunch. After a long day in the office and after a long sitting on the terrace, he was glad to get something in his stomach soon.
Humming the proud sheriff walked over the sidewalk.
"Oh! Be careful!" he cried. Almost he was crashed together with a little child.
The child was a little, brown lizard with a little horn on his nose. Rango adjusted his hat and watched the child with furrowed brow. "What are you doing here at that daytime outside?"
The kid looked at him apathetically. This behavior struck Rango as odd.
The little lizard leant against the house wall and seemed to be very powerless.
Thoughtfully, Rango got on his knees and petted the kid's forehead.
"What are you doing here?" Rango continued his question. "Can I help you? Where are your parents?"
He had never seen that kid before. "Are you new here?"
The kid still looked at him with empty eyes that gave Rango a spooky feeling.
"Okay, eh… do you know your name?"
"Ricky!" someone screamed from the other side of the street.
A flustered plumpish female lizard in old household dress crossed the street and wrenched the child from Rango as if he was going to eat it.
"Ricky! Did I tell you, you shall stay in my near?"
"Sorry Madame," Rango said. "Is that your child?"
"Yes, we are waiting for the doctor, but he isn't at home."
Rango scratched his head in embarrassment. "Oh, I think, I know where he could be. Wait in front of the docotor's house. I will bring him to you."
Immediately, Rango turned around and marshed over to the Gas Can Saloon.
"Hurry up!" the female lizard screamed hysterically.
Rango ran faster and crashed almost together with Gordy, who walked with tottering footsteps out of the saloon as often.
"Hi Gordy. You are looking very good," Rango greeted fast and disappeared in the saloon, while Gordy leant himself against the house wall and took a new sip of his whisky bottle.
Rango needn't a long time for searching in the saloon. Doc lay with his upper body on the bar again, beside him an empty bottle of cactus juice.
"Doc! Doc!" Rango shouted before he reached the bar. "Doc! Wake up immediately! It's an emergency!"
Doc muttered something. Then he lifted his head. "Come back in one hour."
"No, immediately!" the sheriff of Dirt ordered and grabbed Doc on his shoulders ungently. With tottering steps, Doc stood up and followed Rango to the exit.
Outside he plunged Doc's head in a horse trough to bring him back in right mind.
Fortunately, Doc needn't much time and he was a doctor again on half way. At least in his mind. In front of the doctor's house, the female lizard still waited impatiently with her son, who couldn't stand on his feet any longer.
"Thanks God, Doc, my son is very bad! He needs help immediately."
Doc shook his head before he asked questions.
"What ails him?"
"Since yesterday, he is complete powerless. He doesn't want to eat anything and lays in the bed all the time. By the way, his throat is very inflamed."
"Come in," Doc muttered and opened the door of his house.
Rango bared his head to say goodbye and put on his hat again.
"Good luck, madam. Doc, I will leave you now."
Doc didn't pay much attention to him. It uppermost in his mind the symptoms that the woman told him.
In doctor's office Doc requested her to put her son on a lounger.
He scrutinized the boy. After a while he nodded. "It's a good thing that you brought him to me so fast. It has been a long time since I saw this illness."
"Is he so bad?"
"Well, it isn't as bad as all that. A typical child illness, which occurs very often in lizards. Influenzard. Better known as Cold Influenza. Fortunately I have antiserums in my house."
He took out a syringe and a little bottle from a medicine cabinet and injected it in boy's arm.
"With a bit of luck, he will be fine very soon. Madam, did you have this illness when you was a child?"
The female lizard thought about it. "I think yes. If you ask so. But I didn't know, that it would be this illness."
Doc nodded. "Lucky for you, and what about your husband?"
"He got it when he was a child many years ago."
Doc breathed in relief. "What luck! You can let him here in my house as long as he feels better. Until then, I advise you to be out of touch with lizards, especially no adults. But I hope that won't be necessary. As much as I know, every lizard in this town got this illness."
"Why do you speak especially about adults?"
"Well, this illness is for children less dangerous than for adults. For adult lizards it could end very tragically, if they haven't got it in their childhood."

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