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26.07.18 00:12
Nyx wants a normal life. A complicated endeavor, in a world that is filled with fear and poverty. Since the government made a poisonous gas break out, the world is no longer the same. Some people have mutated, others have developed a special ability, Nyx doesn't belong to one of them. The girl was never someone special, but this soon changes as a..
Action Sci-Fi P16 Action In progress
text_remarks_by_author Hello everyone who reads this :) I hope y'll have mercy with my english, since it's not my first language. + this chapter is boring I know, but I promise the next ones will be a lot better and more exciting!!


„Breaking news! We've been informed, that a toxic gas is in circulation.", the anchor woman, read from her cards. She looked not a bit bothered by these news. As if like she read that it's going to be a hot and sunny afternoon tomorrow.

Infact no one seemed a bit bothered by these news at all. Not the kids playing outside, or the old woman, who was about to go out and pick up some groceries. It was one of these „when I ignore it hard enough, it will disappear" - things. At least everyone thought, hoped, so.

It was more serious then it looked at first glance. I mean who would've imagined, this gas was the reason, a whole population nearly, died? And was as well, the cause to create a new world order?

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