Why not?

vor 9 Mon.
This book is about 25-year-old Elisa, who suddenly finds herself missing something in her life. On the way to realize her dreams, she meets some people, including her favorite actor Dominic, with whom she comes into contact. What she experiences on her journey and whether she can fulfill her dream can be found here. The story is invented free ..
Love/Romance Romance P16 Drama In progress


Know you this? You're sitting in school and the teacher telling you what your next topic is. "We read a book", at first almost everybody gets annoyed, because they have to do something at home. But then your teacher continues "Organize yourselves until the next hour the dramatic poem Nathan the Wise. This is a stage work, which we will deal with in the next few lessons. "From that moment on, everyone is finally annoyed. That's what happened to me too, I thought at least. My name is Elisa and that is the beginning of my love for the theater.

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